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Making Your Wishes Known And Preserving Assets For Your Family

An estate plan is a set of documents outlining what should happen in the event of your death or incapacity. Proper estate planning gives clear guidance to your loved ones and caregivers, and protects generational wealth you have worked hard to earn.

The estate planning lawyers of Hanak Guido & Taladay handle the full spectrum, from drafting a simple will to sophisticated asset protection and tax planning strategies for large estates. Our DuBois law firm serves clients from all walks of life in Clearfield County and surrounding western Pennsylvania.

Customized Wills And Estate Planning

We will help you draft or update your essential estate planning documents:

  • A will to declare your heirs and what they should inherit
  • Powers of attorney to take over your financial affairs if you become incapacitated
  • A health care power of attorney to make medical decisions on your behalf
  • An advance health care directive (living will) regarding life support and end-of-life care

Trusts And Asset Protection

The estate planning attorneys of Hanak Guido & Taladay have extensive experience dealing with sizable estates requiring additional planning and protection. We are well versed in different types of wills and asset preservation strategies to minimize federal estate taxes and shield family wealth from creditors and lawsuits. We regularly work in conjunction with, or on behalf of, institutional clients like banks and trust services companies with the objective of realizing our clients’ planning goals and maximizing the value of their hard-earned assets. The added value of using trusts is that those assets bypass the probate process, allowing assets to pass directly to beneficiaries with minimal delay and expense.

Take The First Steps Today To Plan For Tomorrow

To arrange an estate planning consultation, call our DuBois law office at 814-913-0190 or use our online form. We enjoy giving our clients peace of mind that their affairs are in order and that their wishes will be honored.