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Mediation is a process that allows parties to resolve a dispute by voluntarily agreeing to use the assistance of an impartial third party called a mediator. The mediator’s job is to facilitate negotiations and communication between the parties with the goal of reaching an agreed settlement that is often a “win/win.”

Why Mediation?

The advantages of mediation over litigation are many:

  • The parties have complete control over the outcome.
  • Costs are greatly reduced.
  • Cases are resolved months and sometimes even years sooner than by litigation.
  • Trial risk is eliminated – the outcome is decided by the parties rather than a judge or jury (12 random strangers!).
  • The process is voluntary and cooperative rather than adversarial.
  • The mediator is impartial, and the only goal is to reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

Our Litigation Background Made Us Believers In Mediation

Over recent years, we have used the mediation process to settle an increasing number of our civil cases. We are now pleased to offer certified mediation services – “Mediation by Matt,” through the services of Matthew Taladay, our certified mediation attorney.

In 2014, Matt attended and successfully completed the intensive 40-hour mediation training course sponsored by the Federal District Court. He offers his services to assist his colleagues and their clients in northwest and central Pennsylvania with the resolution of civil disputes through mediation.

Matt’s decision to enter this new field of endeavor was based on one simple fact: Mediation works! As practicing litigators, we are aware of the growing reliance on mediation as the tool of choice for settling tough cases. Matt’s own experience with the process has made him a believer in its value.

Matt’s objective is to provide you with an option for prompt, fair and cost-effective mediation services without having to look outside of our area. Matt regularly practices in 15 different Pennsylvania counties, as well as the federal court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. The extent and diversity of his civil practice experience in this region provide him with a unique perspective that may be just the right fit for your next mediation. He is committed to dedicating the time, energy and effort required to make your mediation successful.

Mediation At Our DuBois Office, Or We Can Come To You

Our office facilities in DuBois, Pennsylvania, are ideally suited as a mediation host location and have served that purpose on dozens of occasions. In addition, Matt is willing to travel throughout the region to accommodate your chosen location. He is committed to dedicating the time, energy and effort required to make your mediation successful.

For further information about services provided by Hanak Guido & Taladay, or to schedule a mediation, arbitration or dispute resolution session, contact Mr. Taladay at 814-913-0190 or [email protected].